The Best Wireless Intercom Equipment

Whether it’s for security purposes, or simply to establish clear communication over a distance, these are the wireless intercom systems to look out for. Ranging between affordable and more advanced models, these wireless intercoms are versatile as they are reliable.

MURS Multi-Mile Base Station Wireless Intercom

When it comes to affordability without losing quality, this wireless intercom is the way to go. It consists of two base models, which is perfect for communication over long distances or within a neighborhood. It even serves as a great office companion.

Based on the new Multi-Use Radio service, it operates at a very high frequency without the need for a license. Another great thing about this specific model is that a portable unit can be added, which can work over a distance of 4 miles from the base unit. There is no limit as to how many base units and portable units can be paired.

MURS Commercial Wireless Intercom

This is the perfect wireless intercom for industrial use, thanks to the metal casing and affordability. It can be mounted on a desk or on the wall and it can be used in conjunction with other models, such as Call Box Outdoor Intercom.

If it happens that a louder external speaker should become necessary, there is a speaker jack available. The same goes if a headset wants to be used, along with an external microphone. Just as the model mentioned above, it makes use of the same MURS frequency and runs on all 5 channels.

MURS Compact Wireless Callbox with Relay

gate intercomWith this model there are two options regarding the power source, batteries or electrical. This makes it a good choice for anyone who wants to avoid wires. It has an internal antenna that allows it to communicate with base and handheld units over a distance of one mile. However, if more distance is required, an external antenna can be added.

The Callbox can also be used to open gates and doors, while being mounted wherever is the most comfortable. Even when powered through batteries, it still delivers a high power output. If you need a gate intercom, this makes a good one.

Elderly/Disabled Emergency Alert

It’s not easy getting old or coping with a disability, which is why this particular model is so perfect for individuals who want to maintain some independence.

By using direct and immediate two-way radio communication through a pendant worn by the individual, an emergency can easily be reported. Whether it’s friends, family or neighbors, the pendant will function from anywhere in the house when communicating with them. When none of the designated people are available the call will default to a 911 operator. Up to 4 people can be added to the list of emergency calls.

Cellular Network Apartment Intercom

How nice would it be to answer the front door a home, even when the home owner isn’t there? This is what the Cellular Network Apartment Intercom offers. It doesn’t matter where in the world the home owner might be.

The intercom is connected to the owner’s phone, so every time a visitor presses the button, the owner is notified via cellphone. Now the owner can choose to talk with this person while opening the door or gate.

In fact, it’s so convenient that up to one hundred phones can be assigned as remotes to the intercom when used at a driveway gate.

MURS Security Door Intercom System

Here is another efficient model for industrial use, but it’s definitely not limited to it. The intercom aims to maintain efficiency while enabling security to stay on top of things.

The intercom is mounted on the outside of the facility, which is connected with radios carried by personnel. When a delivery or person enters the facility, radio equipped personnel will be informed immediately. A desk unit can also be used for the personnel who stay in one place most of the time.

The box in which the intercom is placed is hard metal and can withstand all weather related elements. It’s also incredibly rugged and sturdy for long-term use.

Ultra Compact Two-Way Radio

Originally designed for retail and hospitality situations, this two-way radio can be useful just about everywhere. It looks sleek and professional, it’s comfortable to carry around, and more importantly, it’s incredibly compact.

Also known as the MT1016, the radio was stripped down to the bare necessities in order to increase productivity. It’s incredibly easy to use, provides crystal clear communication and aims to make everything else about the job more convenient.

Commercial Digital Two-Way Radio

Here we have the perfect on-site companion, because it does more than just connect co-workers over long distances. In fact, the MT1004 is like the radio version of a basic cellphone. And just like cellphones, each radio comes with a unique digital code that sets it apart.

What this means is that co-workers can call each other individually, or they can call a whole group at once. It’s a tough radio with a call history and impressive battery life. Then of course, there is the matter of clear communication, which is never a problem with this model.

MURS Wireless PA System

When there is a need to address a large crowd without too much hassle, the Wireless PA System should work perfectly. It was specifically designed for a quick setup at a low cost.

The speaker is a radio receiver that can be utilized through a base intercom or a two-way radio, covering several miles in distance. In circumstances when such a setup is only temporary or a hardwired installation is too costly, this speaker system is the affordable answer. The sound quality is amazing and the convenience alone makes it worth the buy.

Full Duplex 2.4GHz Two-Way Radio Headset Kit

This two-way radio system is ingenious in its simplicity, because it allows people to converse without holding down any buttons. In addition, both people can talk at once, simulation the same scenario as using a cellphone.

The reason why it’s so ingenious is because it’s comfortable for people who have to wear headsets for extended periods of time. Not having to carry around the unit makes it more comfortable, along with the wire frame unisex headset.

In terms of range, it reaches about 450 feet without any obstructions in between. For the hospitality or retail business it’s a handy communication tool.

MURS Indoor/Outdoor Customer Service Callbox

There will probably always be a problem with customer service somewhere, but due to circumstances it’s impossible to help every client immediately. The MURS Indoor/Outdoor Customer Service Callbox aims to deter this problem from happening.

As the name suggests, the intercom can be mounted indoors and outdoors, where the customer can for assistance through pushing a button. The customer can record a message, which is sent to radio equipped employees.

Frustrated customers are the ones who leave the store without making a purchase, and they tend to stay away.

Simultaneous Talk and Receive System with Keypad

With this model there are several attractive features business owners can use. Starting with its basic purpose, the wireless intercom is typically used at gates and doors where communication for entrance is required. Once the call button has been pressed, a clear conversation can be had between two individuals.

There is a background noise immunity thanks to the full duplex speakerphone capability. In other words, the noise of a truck or car won’t interfere with the conversation. The keypad can take up to 502 user codes and the intercom can be linked with several other wireless systems.

Companies that specialize in heavy truck transport typically find this wireless intercom to work the best, thanks to the clear sound and background noise reduction.

MURS Basic Commercial Callbox

There is nothing complicated about this wireless intercom, and that’s how many companies like it. The Callbox is fixed within a certain area, preferably indoors, and it can communicate clearly with other mobile or base intercoms across one mile. If more distance is necessary then an external antenna can be used.

Even though it serves well as an indoor unit where there isn’t public access, it can be used outdoors as well. If this is the case it will be placed in a weather resistant frame, which provides all the necessary protection.

Portable Handheld Wireless Video Intercom

Here is a wireless intercom system that all home owners can enjoy and appreciate. The Portable Handheld Wireless Video Intercom allows the homeowner to actually see who is at the front door via the image screen, in addition to opening a line of communication.

The max amount of base units that can be connected are 2, while 4 mobile units can be linked. The mobile units are inside the house and are placed on charging stations. When they are removed from the charging station they can be used up to 330 feet away.

But there are more nifty features that make this model so alluring, and it’s the still image the outside unit takes. Once the call button is pressed and the indoor unit notifies the homeowner, a still image is taken 1 second later.

The great thing about this wireless intercom is the fact that it serves two purposes. Firstly, it provides a decent level of security, because the visitor is immediately identified through image.

The second purpose speaks to complete comfort. If a homeowner feels like avoiding certain people then this is the way to do it.

MURS Voice Notification Wireless Monitor

Last but not least, there is the nifty MURS Voice Notification Wireless Monitor, which informs radio equipped individuals of any switch status changes. A prerecorded message can either be sent to a mobile unit or to a base unit, and it can be adjusted into intervals.

It’s the perfect little watchdog for anything strange that might occur in terms of switch status. For example it can report when there is an equipment malfunction. It can also report tampering, smoke and temperature.

Up to 4 switches can be connected to a single intercom and each can have its own prerecorded messages. If it’s necessary to trigger a message, it can be done through a remote control from about 750 feet away.

Some Final Thoughts

Depending on the situation, you want to invest in a wireless intercom system that won’t let you down when needed the most. There are other models within the same ranges mentioned above, each of them specifically designed to resolve a communication or security problem. Take the necessary time to consult an expert and only use professionals to handle the installation.

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